プロダクトマネジャー// Product Manager

給与: ¥6,000,000 - ¥8,000,000 per annum

勤務地: Tokyo

掲載日: 2019/04/19

マーケティングディレクター/ Marketing Director

給与: ¥13,000,000 - ¥16,000,000 per annum

勤務地: Tokyo

掲載日: 2019/04/19

A global business intelligence provider is in need of a capable Marketing Director to spearhead the company’s marketing team. The ideal candidate is someone with extensive experience as a marketing leader, well versed in many aspects of online marketing. Experience in working for an international environment is highly desirable in candidates for this role.
ストレージキャンペーンマネージャー// Storage Campaign Manager

給与: ¥8,000,000 - ¥12,000,000 per annum

勤務地: Tokyo

掲載日: 2019/04/16

コンシューマパートナーマーケティングマネジャー/Consumer Partner Marketing Manager

給与: ¥10,000,000 - ¥12,000,000 per annum

勤務地: Tokyo

掲載日: 2019/03/30

An international IT security company is searching for a Consumer Partner Marketing Manager. As a senior member of the Consumer Marketing team, reporting to the Consumer Marketing Director in Japan, the main responsibility of this position is to effectively and passionately engage with our customers.
プロダクトマーケティングマネージャー/ Product Marketing Manager

給与: ¥9,000,000 - ¥14,000,000 per annum

勤務地: Tokyo

掲載日: 2019/03/13

A leading global IT solution provider is seeking a Product Marketing Manager with experience in product pricing and launching. This position will be responsible for the launch, adoption and overall success of products in the local market.
コンシューママーケティングマネージャー/ Consumer Marketing Manager

給与: ¥7,000,000 - ¥9,000,000 per annum

勤務地: Tokyo

掲載日: 2019/02/20

A multinational online security solution provider is searching for a Consumer Marketing Manager with a strong command of English. To qualify for this position, candidates must submit resumes in English, be interested in technology and software. A desire to participate in a fast-paced, start-up-like environment is highly desirable.