SAP Project/SAPプロジェクト

給与: ¥1900 per hour

勤務地: Tokyo

掲載日: 2016/12/05

A telecommunication technology firm is looking for an experienced customer data cleansing professional to join them in an SAP Project role. Under direction of the Manager, Billing Operations Group, the successful candidate will cleanse customer data, communicate with project members, and ensure tasks are completed on schedule.
SAP Plant Maintenance Consultant/SAPプラントメンテナンスコンサルタント

給与: ¥3000000 - ¥6000000 per annum

勤務地: Tokyo

掲載日: 2016/12/05

An international business services group is searching for a SAP project management expert. In this position, you will ensure that the centralized SAP system meets business requirements, identifying and implementing new technologies as necessary.
IT Specialist/ITスペシャリスト

給与: ¥6000000 - ¥8000000 per annum

勤務地: Tokyo

掲載日: 2016/11/14

ERP System Engineer/ERPシステムエンジニア

給与: ¥5000000 - ¥7000000 per annum

勤務地: Kanagawa

掲載日: 2016/11/11

SAP Commercial Team Lead/SAPコマーシャルチームリード

給与: Negotiable based on experience

勤務地: Tokyo

掲載日: 2016/11/08

An international business services organization is searching for an individual with SAP project management skills. As SAP Commercial Team Leader, you will identify and implement integrations to guide business development.