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Our outlook for 2022 in Japan

Compared to 2020 which saw hiring freezes and economic slowdown across multiple industries, 2021 was a year of recovery for many businesses in Japan. Although we continue to live with Covid-19, companies have learned to adapt to the new normal and the widespread rollout of vaccines globally proved to be a boost of confidence. The latter half of 2021 saw an influx of new job openings with candidates having more options than ever before. At the same time, talent remains scarce due to border restrictions and a shrinking workforce.

As markets continue to recover, we are already starting to witness the heating competition to attract and retain talent. The ongoing trend of rising counter-offers to hold onto talent means we can expect salary inflation for in-demand roles in 2022. Flexible working styles, which were a novelty in 2020, are now a mainstay for what professionals look for in prospective employers and signify a change in priorities. 

Jeremy Sampson
Managing Director, Robert Walters Japan