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Robert Walters Japan
Japan's leading bilingual recruitment consultancy

We've been a driving force in the Japanese bilingual recruitment market providing high quality candidates for our clients and access to the best jobs for over 20 years. We operate a team-based profit share system which, we believe, sets us apart from the majority of competitors by enabling us to always put the interests of our clients and candidates first. That means we can find the best fit for employer and job seeker and we never push people into unsuitable roles.

With offices in Tokyo and Osaka, Robert Walters Japan specialises in permanent and contract recruitment solutions as well as executive search across all industry sectors including accountancy & finance, banking & financial services, legal, compliance & risk, engineering & operationsgeneral management & consultancyhuman resources, information technology, sales and marketing in the fields of retail, healthcare, online as well as supply chain, logistics & procurementFind out more


That's our purpose as a business. But it extends far beyond what we do at the office — we're industry leaders through our efforts to make a positive difference for clients, candidates, colleagues and communities around the globe.

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Special interviews with Japanese global talents

  • Overcoming the fear of challenge and opening the door to new opportunity

    What are the requirements to be recognised as “global talent?” Jeremy Sampson, Managing Director at Robert Walters Japan, explains what companies look for when they specifically seek global talent. He also shares his own ideas on how work can define us as individuals, and the value that taking on the challenge of a career change can bring to job seeking professionals.
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  • Face yourself, find your inclination and keep challenging

    We sat down with Nobuko Nakano, who specialises in the mechanisms of human cognition, to hear her thoughts on what kind of work and challenges make people feel happier, comparing it to the values that we uphold at Robert Walters.
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  • How a global perspective changed my view of work

    Mayu Yamaguchi, a New York lawyer and occasional TV commentator, visited Robert Walters Japan to talk about her career path. Jeremy Sampson, Managing Director at Robert Walters Japan, spoke with her about the styles of work within Japan, and the significant changes that these styles are going through.
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  • A desire to enjoy competing against the very best

    Koji Uehara has played for the Yomiuri Giants in professional baseball and the Boston Red Sox in Major League Baseball. Jeremy Sampson, President of Robert Walters Japan, spoke to Koji Uehara about his "work ethic". In the first part, we look at the "professionalism" that Uehara faced when he switched from starting to relief pitching.
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  • “Extra preparation and a reliable guide” are essentials

    Yoichi Watanabe, a famed war photographer, continually works to provide information about global current affairs. He shared his experiences and opinions about taking on new challenges he feels passionate about with Jeremy Sampson, Managing Director at Robert Walters Japan, a topic that has many aspects in common with changing to a job in a global environment.
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  • Achieving goals begins with small successes

    Toshiaki Hirose, former captain of the Japanese National Rugby Team, visited Robert Walters Japan to share his approach to leadership and taking on challenges to win in the global stage. Jeremy Sampson, Managing Director, spoke with him about the importance of leadership and team management that brings together a diverse group to strive towards a shared goal.
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