Diversity and Equality

Diversity is a key component of success across the Robert Walters group. We recognize the value in diversity and strive to cultivate a work environment where people are inspired to embrace and celebrate each other’s differences.

To this end, Robert Walters Japan K.K. and Robert Walters Korea Ltd., in alignment with the global policy, support the principles of diversity and equality. As an equal opportunity employer, we have been successfully attracting and recruiting top candidates for our clients since our establishment in London in 1985 while remaining steadfast in our commitment to diversity.  The Robert Walters group does not discriminate against applicants on the basis of gender, race, disability, religion or beliefs, sexual orientation, maternity, pregnancy, age, ethnicity or nationality.

As a global organisation, Robert Walters attracts a highly diverse range of candidates.

We believe that diversity enriches the work environment, resulting in a more innovative and creative workforce. Accordingly, Robert Walters is pleased to support clients’ efforts to develop diverse talent pipelines, thereby contributing to their competitive edge and overall sustainable success.

Commitment to Diversity

Robert Walters Japan believes the activities and growth of employees of diverse character contribute to organisational development. We are building a workplace without regard to gender, nationality, disability and sexual orientation or marital and pregnancy status.

As a result, the number of men and women in our company are approximately equal, and women hold 30% of all managerial positions. With respect to nationality, we have achieved a diverse workplace environment by employing people from over 30 different countries. Moreover, as a specialist recruitment company, we strive to contribute to improving the competitive edge and sustainable success of companies by supporting corporate needs for diverse talent.


Empowering Women in the Workplace

In addition to creating an environment conducive to workers without regard to marital and pregnancy status, we support compatibility between work and home both in terms of company programs and transforming awareness. For example, our company systems evaluate employee performance without respect to gender, and our "paternity leave” fosters a business culture and workplace environment that enables all employees to meet childcare responsibilities.

  • Granted "L-boshi" certification by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in recognition of efforts to promote women's participation and advancement in the workplace
  • Sponsor of the Women in Business Summit (2016 and 2017) hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan
  • Sponsor of Hanalab, NPO organisation which delivers various programs for female university students to nourish their creativity and leadership for their future career. Through this sponsorship, we aim to support the younger generations to become the next leaders of society.

Multinational Workforce

Robert Walters Japan has a workforce representing more than 30 nationalities. We believe the intersection of a variety of cultures and values can provide new thinking that leads to business success and delivers synergistic benefits. We are committed to building an environment that takes full advantage of the benefits of a multicultural workplace, and we regularly hold interactive events to encourage communication among our employees.

LGBT Inclusion

Our company values not only women's participation and diversity of nationality and race, but also the inclusion of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals. We are engaged in activities to promote acceptance of LGBT people such as jointly hosting seminars with law firms promoting understanding and illustrating the positive impact LGBT workers can have on corporations. Also, we are focused on raising awareness of the LGBT community and fostering a non-discriminatory understanding through such means as introducing LGBT-related events to employees.

  • Hosted the "LGBTs in the Japanese Labour Market" seminar for corporate human resource officials (June 2016)
  • Participated in "Tokyo Rainbow Pride," one of the largest LGBT event in Japan (May 2017)