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Five ways to attract top talent

It takes more than money to motivate today’s talent. In this article we will bring you five great tips to attract the most talented employees to your company.

Seven ways to create a stand-out recruitment experience

Looking to hire top talent? It is important that employers and recruiters set up an effective recruitment process. Here’s 7 ways to create a stand-out recruitment experience.

How to avoid bad hires

A bad hire is not only financially costly to a company, but also damaging to the company's morale and reputation. Today we look at some ways companies can avoid bad hires.

“AI will take over my job” - Employees’ honest views, and hints to recruiting AI specialists

Robert Walters conducted a survey to ascertain how employees working on the front lines in Japan viewed the “AI Menace.” 60% of global professionals working at the Japanese subsidiaries of international firms, and at Japanese firms developing global businesses: My job will “not be taken over by AI”

Methods and benefits of a reference check

A reference check can shed light on a candidate's character; more so than a resume or interview. Understanding the methods and benefits of a reference check will help to reduce resume fraud and other hiring risks.

Lifting on the ban on side businesses: A summary (2018)

How are companies in Japan dealing with the growing trend of side businesses among employees? The results of our recent questionnaire provide some insights.

Why salary benchmarking is vital for success

Salary benchmarking allows companies to establish whether their senior executives’ remuneration packages are in line with the rest of the market. Here, we explore it in more detail.

Managing maternity differently

Look at ways a business can attract and retain talent by creating an environment inclusive to working mothers (and fathers).

Key hiring advice

Take advantage of our years of expertise through this collection of market intelligence articles.