Robert Walters Japan – CSR & Environmental Initiatives

Robert Walters Japan is engaged in a wide range of CSR activities

  1. Global Charity Day
    The Robert Walters Group holds a simultaneous Charity Day event on the same day at all of its offices worldwide. Activities include the sale of handmade sweets and participation in games designed by our staff. The Robert Walters Group donates all of the money collected on the day to support a number of organizations.
  2. Volunteer Leave
    Robert Walters Japan has introduced a scheme to provide paid leave to staff who wish to participate in volunteer activities. We are devoted to creating an environment that fosters volunteer activities by our staff by providing subsidies for a portion of the travel and participation and other fees associated with their volunteer activities.



Supported Organizations

Robert Walters Japan is supporting the following organizations through a range of CSR activities.

Shine On! Kids

Shine On! Kids implements an array of programs that support children suffering from childhood cancer and other serious illnesses, along with their families.

Shine On! Kids focuses on activities to enhance healthcare teams and healthcare, and to raise awareness for childhood cancer.

Japan Platform

Japan Platform is an intermediary support organization that provides support in a variety of forms to affiliated NGOs in Japan, which face challenges such as insufficient financial support.

Utilizing sponsorships and donations provided by governments, corporations and individuals, Japan Platform provides humanitarian aid both within Japan and abroad to provide emergency relief during refugee crises and natural disasters.


Smiling Hospital Japan

Smiling Hospital Japan is an NPO that organizes events in which volunteer artists across a range of disciplines visit hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout Japan to provide art engagement activities for children fighting serious illnesses.

Smiling Hospital Japan is striving to make the days of children fighting illnesses just a little bit brighter and more joyful through activities such as music, art, and magic, to help sustain their spirits in their battles to regain health.

World Children’s Baseball Foundation

Chaired by the Japanese homerun king Sadaharu Oh, the WCBF organizes the “World Childrens’ Baseball Fair,” which brings children to together from countries around the world, including Japan, to provide a multi-day baseball learning experience.

The WCBF has provided a global experience through baseball to children from Japan and throughout the world continuously for nearly 30 years.

Second Harvest Japan

Second Harvest Japan is Japan’s first food bank organization, rescuing food that would otherwise be disposed, despite still being fit to eat, and providing the collected food to children at childcare facilities, victims at domestic violence shelters, and people who are forced to live on the street.


TRACOS organizes soccer exchange events, and dispatches coaches directly to organizations that have difficulties attending outside events, to realize a society where people can grow through sports together, regardless of their skill or disability.

Japan Rugby Players Association (JRPA)

The JRPA is an organization primarily operated by active rugby players, engaged in activities to make “rugby players an esteemed and aspirational presence.” The JRPA works tirelessly every day to provide support to rugby players as they continuously strive for success not just in Japan, but on the world stage.

The JRPA seeks to foster the study of leadership and disseminate the wonderful aspects of rugby with the world to create a bright future for the sport. The JRPA will work together with its members and partners to advance the popularization of rugby and provide education for the next generation.



Hanalabs is an NPO that fosters the creativity and leadership of female students through their participation in the resolution of social challenges. Hanalabs advances a number of programs, such as organizing projects in which female students work together with local government bodies and corporations to resolve issues, and publishing an internet magazine that showcases women active in society, with coverage provided directly by female students.



Florence established Japan’s first nationwide model to support families with child raising and maintaining a career, with initiatives such as “dispatched childcare for sick children,” “childcare for children with disabilities,” and “small scale childcare.” Florence is also tirelessly working to resolve social issues such as child poverty and child abuse.


Mirai no Mori

Mirai no Mori provides outdoor programs for children living in child welfare facilities to support the joyful and meaningful growth of children through experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime.

FIT for Charity Run

The FIT for Charity Run is a charity event that provides donations to organizations that cannot secure sufficient operating funds directly due to issues such as lack of awareness, despite being well established in their regions, and performing meaningful social activities.

Robert Walters Japan employees and their families participate in the event every year.

Robert Walters Group – Initiatives for environmental sustainability

The Robert Walters Group is carrying out a variety of environmental sustainability initiatives to help build a sustainable future.

  • As a Group, we’ve been fully carbon balanced worldwide since 2015
  • The Group reduced its overall carbon emissions by 27% in 2017
  • We’ve met our carbon reduction target, as a Group, six years ahead of schedule
  • The Group’s held FTSE4GOOD* status since 2008
  • Our London office has reduced gas usage by 85% since 2015

In 2017, we offset 2,233 tonnes of the businesses’ CO2 emissions, associated with our worldwide operations through our partnership with The World Land Trust.

*FTSE4Good index inclusion criteria covers a number of corporate responsibility themes, such as environmental management, climate change, countering bribery and supply chain labour standards.