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Believe it or not, no matter how well you nailed that interview, how you behave in its wake can determine whether or not you land that coveted legal job. With fierce competition in the busy legal world, it’s important to make a good impression even after a face-to-face conversation with the powers that be. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind post-interview that can help you land that legal role.


Thank you notes

Harvard Law School says always write thank you notes immediately. If possible, they should be handwritten for a personal touch. Personalize your note with a reference or two to the actual conversation you shared during your interview. But keep it short. Show respect for your future boss or colleagues’ time.

Niki Zotou, Manager of the Legal Division at Robert Walters USA says: “Follow-up is extremely important in the hiring process, and a well-done thank-you letter can make the difference in getting the job. Use your knowledge of the company and your intuition about its style to decide which method is appropriate."

It’s always a savvy move to ask questions in your thank you note - something that will give your recipient a reason to respond. And if you were interviewed by more than one person, send a unique thank you note to each.

Phone follow-up

Most experts agree that a follow-up phone call is only wise if it was expressly invited during the interview. Hounding your interviewer by phone can come across as overzealous and out of touch with  the priorities of your potential new employer. 

Niki Zotou continues: “When the manager is not yet able or allowed to speak about the hiring decision, it can be awkward and irritating to receive multiple calls from a candidate.”


While you’re waiting to hear back, it’s a good idea to give all of your references a call, if you haven’t already.

Make sure they’re primed to give you a glowing recommendation, and subtly remind them of their incredible experience of working with you in the past. Bring up success stories you had together and plant the seeds for a complimentary endorsement to your future employer. Your references are busy too, and they will probably be grateful for the suggestions.

Social media

Make sure your social media profiles are all utterly professional and present you in the best possible light. It goes without saying that profile pictures and public information should be professional. This is especially true for public profiles like LinkedIn and Twitter.  But, don’t rule out the possibility that someone within your potential new company’s ranks will have access to your personal information, status updates, and pictures on “private” social media accounts, like Facebook.

Taking the initiative to follow up professionally after an interview greatly increases your chances of landing that perfect legal job. 

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