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market update 2018

Forecast of Talent Acquisition Trends for Q1 2018

As labour shortages persist, more and more companies are investing in human resources in an attempt to acquire English-speaking bilingual personnel well-versed in global business customs
market update 2017

Report on Talent Acquisition Trends for Q3 2017

The practical development of global and cross-border business accelerated among both domestic Japanese enterprises and foreign companies in accordance with the progress of globalization and the evolution of technology
Employee Insights Survey 2017

Employee Insights Survey 2017

Robert Walters Japan issued a whitepaper based on the company’s annual employee insights survey of global talent in Japan.

Report on Talent Acquisition Trends for Q2 2017

Recruiting competition is particularly fierce for professionals with specialized skills and experience in IoT and AI as practical applications of the technologies continue to expand.

Report on Employment Trends for Q1 2017

Labour shortages continued in a wide range of job categories in the first quarter of 2017. The shortage is particularly acute with specialists who have practical experience and qualifications in their professions.

Robert Walters Japan to publish “Salary Survey 2017”

Robert Walters Japan launched the Salary Survey 2017. This report summarizes the latest employment trends in Japan as well as salary levels by job type and industry sector.