Robert Walters Supports Athletes and Artists Taking on a Global Challenge

As a company supporting bilingual specialists who are looking to build their careers in global companies, Robert Walters Japan sponsors athletes and artists who compete at the global level.

Shiho Matsuda


Japan finswimming record holder.

Currently she is the only record holder of four categories in Japan: 50 m CMAS bi-fin, 50 m apnea, and 50 m/100 m surface (as of June 2018).

She will challenge the World Cup to become the fastest finswimmer in the world.

Kentaro Ishikawa
Cross country skiing

To become the first Japanese world champion, Kentaro has been training since 2015 as a member of a professional team in Norway, where cross country is a major sport.

After winning the silver medal in 2012 at the first Winter Youth Olympics, Kentaro was selected for Japan’s national cross-country skiing team in 2014 and 2015.

Living by himself in Norway, he is training to improve his competitiveness in order to become the first Japanese Olympic medallist in cross country skiing.

Kotaro Tokuda
Freestyle football

As one of Japan’s leading freestyle footballers, he is playing the sport all over the world.

In 2012, he became the first Japanese champion at the Red Bull Street Style World Final 2012 in Italy.

His outstanding ball-control skills drew great attention in a 2014 TV ad.

Tomoko Goda

Tomoko is a female professional baseball player in Japan. She is training solo in Holland and New Zealand.

With experience playing in Asia, Europe, North America, and Oceania, she is on track to reaching her goal of competing in all five continents.

Takahiro Ikeda
BMX freestyle flatland

Takahiro reached the semi-finals in the 2016 world championships in the UK, astounding the entire world.

For five straight years since 2011, he has continued to beat his own Guinness World Record for his signature skill - the high-speed spin - in four categories.

Because of his performance style in sync with music and his outstanding records, he has been a member of Cirque du Soleil’s new world tour VOLTA since 2017.

Kento Kato
Blind football

Since 2007, he has been a member of the Japan national team and has played in a number of international games including Asian and World Championships.

Currently he is the captain of the Saitama T.Wings. He has played football since primary school, but he only began playing blind football when he became visually impaired due to a genetic disease in the last year of secondary school. Currently he makes appearances in many events and media, including blind football trial events and lectures.

He trains every day in order to win a medal in the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

Shun Nishiyama

Shun is Japan’s oceanman champion and title holder of Japan National Lifesaving Championships for two straight years.

Travelling back and forth between Japan and Australia, he is training to win medals in the Lifesaving World Championships and take part in the professional league in Australia.

Ryo Sugai
Ski cross

Ryo holds first place in Japan in three of the five Alpine skiing categories.

He moved to Europe when he was in the last year of secondary school and has been racing overseas.

He has changed his category to ski cross and is training to win medals in the Olympic Games in Beijing.

Saori Nakura
Trampoline gymnastics

Saori has competed in the 2017 Trampoline Gymnastics World Championships and other international competitions.

She is aiming to be selected as a representative for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. She wants to teach people about the joy and appeal of trampoline gymnastics.

Daisuke Kishita
Wheelchair Track & Field

Being wheelchair-bound has never stopped Daisuke from pursuing his dream of winning a gold medal. Despite lower limb failure caused by congenital cerebral palsy and other internal complications resulting from Hirschsprung's disease, he has worked hard to qualify for the Paralympics Games since his junior high school years.

He won second place in his international competition debut after earning a series of top results in national competitions. Daisuke continues to excel in several domestic competitions in wheelchair track and field.

Daisuke Kishita
Daisuke Kishita2