Six smart questions to ask during your job interview

Six smart questions to ask during your job interview

An interview isn't just a chance for your potential employer to learn about you. It’s your opportunity to establish whether joining a particular company will benefit your career and ultimately, whether there is a suitable fit between the two. Asking the interviewer questions about the role shows that you are engaged and interested in the company and demonstrates your initiative. We will help you with some good examples.

1. Why has this position become available?

Understanding why a position has become available is important - the previous employee may have left or the role could be newly created. If so, why did the previous employee leave? Or why was a new role created? This will inform you about the management and growth expectations of the company.

Depending on the answer you may want highlight particular areas where you have strong skills. If the role is newly created focus on your ability to innovate and take initiative, while if you are replacing a former member of staff consider times where you have been able to develop and refine existing processes.

2. What do you like about working for this company?

Gaining an insight into someone that is already part of the company will help you to find out more about whether the cultural fit is what you are looking for as the interviewer is likely to step out of a corporate role.

Candidates should try to show that they are thinking outside of the job description. Asking these kinds of questions show that you are interested in the working culture and genuinely considering how you can fit into the company.  

3. How will my success be measured in this role?

This is useful to know as each business operates differently. It will show what type of approach the company takes with its employees and is useful for you to think about whether the approach suits you as a person.

4. What can I expect in terms of development and support?

This question will show that you are keen on growing, learning and staying with the company. It will also allow you to find out more whether the role offers what you are looking for in the long-term.

If you explain your long-term career goals you demonstrate reliability. It highlights your value to the company as a long-term investment.

5. Where does the job fit into the team structure?

Understanding the way you will support and interact with the rest of the team will be important to your success in any role, and showing an interest in this early on shows your employer that you recognise the importance of collaboration at work. This line of questioning will provide you with the chance to see how you can progress within the team and give you an opportunity to understand the team you will be a part off.

6. What is the next step after the interview?

Although it can be easily forgotten, this question is vital to ask. It shows the interviewer that you have thought about the next stages and provides you with an indication on whether you need to prepare more.   

The interview is not just about seeing whether you are the right fit for the organisation, but it’s also about making sure you feel confidence about your ability to do the job and in turn, making sure you feel like the role would be a successful career move.

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