Professional contracting options

Tytuł obrazka

In Japan, there are a variety of contract options for temporary staffing.

To help you understand the main differences and which option is right for you, refer to our useful guide on contract types in Japan or contact us for a consultation.



Temporary Contract or Haken

Employer: Robert Walters

Examples: Typically 1-12 month rolling contracts

  • Accountant providing additional help for three months during a peak working period
  • Software Engineer working on a six month project
  • HR Assistant employed for basic cover whilst an incoming permanent hire completes the notice period at their current company

Temporary-to-Permanent Contract or Shokai Yotei Haken

Employer: Robert Walters for a maximum of six months.  After six months, the client company must convert the contractor to a permanent position or end the contract


  • Companies awaiting permanent headcount/budget
  • Managers unsure of the workload for a newly created position
  • Company policy is to only hire temp-to-perm staff


Direct Contract or Keiyaku

Employer: Client Company

Examples: Typically 3-12 month rolling contracts

  • Bilingual Executive Assistant providing cover for maternity leave
  • Infrastructure Engineer working for a project with budget restrictions
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