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How employers can appeal to women on career breaks

Attracting and Engaging Women Returning to the Workforce, reminds businesses they must be proactive and adaptable to secure the brightest talent.

7 steps to becoming a great salesperson

We look at some fundamental qualities and personality traits needed to succeed in being a successful salesperson.

So you want to be a business development manager?

Business development managers are the cornerstone of any successful organisation. But what does the job involve on a day-to-day basis?

How you can work as a consultant

Many people switch to foreign consulting firms after working in a variety of industries.

Why Chinese language ability is an advantage

Chinese is arguably the second most important language in the business world following English.

Impressing at performance review

Reviews are a great opportunity to discuss your future plans and potential opportunities for personal growth and development strategies.

Importance of corporate culture

The values of a corporate culture influence the dynamics in an office, the ethical standards within a corporation.

Avoiding the pitfalls

One of the most exciting times in a professional’s career is starting a new job. However with the excitement can come challenges and stress.

Tips for successful networking

The power of face-to-face meetings should not be underestimated for fostering useful personal connections.