Robert Walters Japan supports women in the workplace

Robert Walters Japan supports women who value their careers, as well as companies that are proactively engaged in promoting the participation and advancement of women in the workplace through employment support and recruitment services.

We offer insight into the courage needed for women to take the crucial steps in advancing their careers, advice for women who would benefit from it, and ways for companies, families, and colleagues to help create a workplace where women can achieve success.

Interview: Hopes for women in leadership roles

To this day, there is still a large disparity around the world regarding the number of men and women holding senior management roles. Rachna Ratra, a working mother who also oversees dozens of employees in her role as director, shares her thoughts on how society must change to enable more Japanese women to proactively engage in career challenges. What steps should be taken by women who are striving to become leaders, and what steps should be taken by the people around them?

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Interview: Helping women succeed in their careers

Yuni Hong, a mother of three, helps develop organizations in a diversity-conscious way and supports professional women in building their careers. We asked for her insights on the concerns working women face and how to overcome them. She also stresses the importance of encouragement from support systems such as families and companies in helping women achieve success.

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Interview: Overcoming unconscious biases

Mayu Isoi once harboured assumptions that she would be thought of as overly emotional because she is a woman, or that she had to act with deference to older staff. This led her to explore what it means to be a leader. We asked her about the mentoring programme that served as the catalyst for discovering her own management style.

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Interview: Achieving professional success while raising children

Heloise Carnet is a working mother who resumed her job five months after giving birth and later climbed up the corporate ladder. She shares that having a good support network both at work and at home is crucial for maintaining a healthy work-life balance. We learn more about how she collaborated with her partner and her coworkers to create a system that helped her pursue her professional aspirations.

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Interview: Career opportunities for direct or temporary contract employees

In circumstances such as starting a family, it is important to achieve a good balance between work and family life.  In such cases contract or temporary work can be very advantageous.  We talk with Yoko Abe, head of the Robert Walters Commerce Contract and Financial Services Contract Team about how the flexibility of direct or temporary contracts can help women attain work-life balance. 

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Interview: Male leader takes on the challenge of promoting women's advancement

We sat down with Tomokazu Betzold, who oversees our team specialising in tech recruitment, to discuss the significance of male leaders tackling the advancement of women seriously. What are the ripple effects of his efforts to recruit female consultants over the past few years since stepping up as a director?

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What do women look for when seeking new employment?

As an increasing number of companies proactively promote women's participation in the workplace, the ratio of men to women among individuals who sought new employment through Robert Walters in 2017 was about 5:5. This indicates a rise in the number of women who seek new employment and who consider flexible work styles to be crucial in forming long-term careers. What are the deciding factors for women who are seeking new jobs? What do women seek in regard to work styles?

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Robert Walters Japan has been granted the third and highest level of the "L-boshi" certification from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in recognition of efforts to promote women's participation and advancement in the workplace.

We meet all five criteria for a workplace that promotes women's participation and advancement, including hiring rates, continued employment, workstyles including working hours, male/female ratio in management positions, and diverse career paths.

We at Robert Walters believe that diversity enriches the work environment, resulting in a more innovative and creative workforce. We do not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, disability, religion or beliefs, sexual orientation, maternity, pregnancy, age, ethnicity, or nationality.

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Robert Walters Japan is a sponsor of Hanalab, an NPO organisation that nourishes the skills of female university students to help them bring about social transformation.

Hanalab provides various programmes for female university students to nourish their creativity and leadership skills for their future careers. The organization also offers the web magazine Hanajob, including features on projects where female university students engage in solving problems held by local governments and companies, as well as stories of successful women in society, all collected and shared by the female university students themselves.

While supporting women who are at the forefront of success, Robert Walters also aims to support the emergence of the next generation of talent by supporting Hanalab.

Robert Walters Japan was awarded “Best Workplace” in the medium sized business category (100-999 employees) by “Great Place to Work 2020". 

We embrace and value a corporate culture that can make full use of all the unique talents of each of our employees. For the past 35 years, we have shared this value with our group colleagues worldwide.

We will continue to enhance this corporate culture and provide the best work environments for our own people.